Curated DIYer.

Beginning in 2004, Victor began curating his problem-solving abilities and marrying them with his new found attraction for technology. Over the next 11 years, Victor honed his skills through advanced placement computer science courses throughout high school and his entrepreneurship major at Boston University.

Full Stack Web Developer

Victor has continued his knowledge and understanding of web development over there years, building out custom solutions and highly customized templated WordPress websites. Click here to see Victor’s current portfolio.

Sap Apps

With the breakout of iOS and Android, Victor turned his programming ability to mobile devices. Having a solid foundation in Java and Macromedia Flash, he decided to write applications for the Android operating system, eventually selling over 4,000 units in the Android Marketplace (now Play Store).


Blue Control

Addicting Games

Victor decided to test his programming (and creative) abilities by developing two Flash games and selling them to the popular online video game website His two games combined have totaled over more than 6 million plays! The first installment, Escape Culver, was rated the Puzzle Game of the Week!

Escape Culver

Escape the Health Center

Yahoo! Widgets

Yahoo! Widgets was Victor’s original foray into computer programming. These “mini” desktop applications were the first “Apps” way back before anyone knew what an “App” was. Victor created and developed three Yahoo! Widgets which were downloaded over a total of 100,000 times!

iTunes Media Player

Wake Me Up iTunes

Cover Me!